Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Pratidhwani 1: Behind the Scenes

Those of you who attended first session of Pratidhwani with Ms. Anuradha Shankar, would remember the thanks-giving story narrated by Vijay Sohni.
Like he said, the house of supreme God had 3 rooms in his office. One for storing applications sent in the form of prayers by devotees as ‘Receiving Room’, what we call in our office registers in India as ‘Aavak’. Every inch of this room was stuffed with files and papers. 
Second room was designed for granting to the prayers offered by the devotees as ‘Dispatch Room’, what we call in our office registers in India ‘Jaavak’. Even this room was intensely stuffed but little less than the earlier room.
The third room was ‘Acknowledgement Room’, this room was designed to store the acknowledgement devotees send as thanks for hearing their prayers by lord. To everyone’s surprise this room was completely empty.
So team Pratidhwani wants to begin by thanking Bhagwan Baba for his blessing on strengthening our belief that a unique platform for self improvement ‘Pratidhwani’ could be created by us.
Our humble beginning resulted in attracting finest minds in their respective fields to come together and make it a grand success.
Baba rightly said- “Take one step towards Me; I shall take a hundred towards you.”

This is to entrust our belief that Bhagwan Baba comes when we chant omkar thrice. We all devotees call omkar as Baba’s telephone number.

Pratidhwani’s momento in form of our beloved Baapu in ‘Dhyan Mudra’

One of our banner boasting Pratidhwani’s logo and core values

Two Pratidhwani Masters discussing last minute details of the event

Pratidhwani masters and champions checking final arrangements before the welcome of speaker and audience

Sanjay Patel: One of the great minds behind-the-scene for making Pratidhwani possible 
with his wonderful ideas and help in crafting design language and communication plan.
The lyricist, composer & singer of Pratidhwani Anthem (in his deeply compassionate voice) evoked great personality to the whole event.

Kapil Khadelwal: The key enabler who  aggregated every single detail from initial ideation of  the concept Pratidhwani  till making last minute arrangements, he made sure right things were done at right time in the right way.
Afterall he is rightly named Khandelwal-behind-the-wall by Satya Sai Youth Wing.

Ashutosh, Sudhir, Meghal, Kapil and Shailesh: Relishing the arrangements for first session of Pratidhwani (aphi mehnat dekhkar khush ho rahein hain)

Anu Sachdeva: Her firm but deep voice bought the very required assertive tone to the whole event in the form of anchoring . Even chief speaker Ms. Anuradha Shankar IG Police couldn't stop herself from saying so while complimenting her for her beautiful & graceful personality.

Deepali Khanna: Key initiator, champion and anchor to hold all the great suggestions made by great minds on having things rolling towards making Pratidhwani possible.

Meghal Solanki: The AV Designer, confirming proper run of the thrilling Pratidhwani launch video

Shailesh Karwade: Checking if everything is alright before guests start coming in

Snehal Karwade & Bhanuja Khandelwal (Two Pratidhwani Champions’ Wives):  Making sure every small preparation is done to make  their husbands proud and finally event a grand success.


  1. Thanks Mrs.Anupam for writing this blog and sharing these pictures.
    Pratidhwani's Youth Wings have really worked hard for this new journey. Every picture shows their great effort for this unique platform.
    The feeling remains that God is on the journey, too. :)
    Kudos :)

    1. Thanks Satyendra for appreciating :) you can also be a part of our initiative via attending our sessions. Next session is on 2nd June "Life, Growth, Success and Happiness" by Mr. Swapnil Kothari from 6.30-8.30pm at Sri Sathya Sai School Indore

  2. Thanks Satyendra. Your appreciation boosts our efforts. There's lot more happening at Pratidhwani, part of which will keep coming on this blog... so stay tuned....we will need your ideas, suggestions and comments to strengthen !