Wednesday, June 13, 2012

What, when & how of Pratidhwani-2 through moments captured in pictures

June 2, 2012 turned out to be a very motivating evening for all those who attended Pratidhwani’s second session with Mr. Swapnil Kothari, CMD Indore Indira Group. His simple articulation of Life, Growth, Success and Happiness touched the hearts of the audience. Rather than simply speaking behind the podium, he chose to walk around the listeners…….rather than simply talking philosophical, he chose to narrate short stories……rather than simply talking and talking, he weaved his talk with very interesting videos.

Mr. Swapnil Kothari strategically distributed his talk time in 4 compartments according to the sequence within his topic. He took us through a no less than an amusement park’s ride from making us smile, ponder, question ourselves and even weep.

At the end, we were all stunned with such simple portray of Life, Growth, Success and Happiness with audacity of beautiful examples. Somewhere deep in our hearts, we wanted to say ‘Once more!’.

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  1. Har badi yatra ki shuruaat ek chote kadam se hoti hai. Team Pratidhwani ne apni lambi yatra ki shandar shuruaat kar di hai. I am sure that one day Team Pratidhwani will organizen a talk of Hon. APJ Abdul kalam/ His Holiness Dalai lama in Abhay Prashal. All the best Team Pratidhwani. Lage raho.....